Aerial Information Systems Corporation
Aerial Information Systems Corporation

1439 Live Oak Street, Suite E

Niceville, FL 32578

United States

TEL: (850) 387-1440
AISC develops software and hardware components for unmanned systems and remote sensing applications. We develop toolboxes for Matlab/Simulink which are used for engineering analysis as well as interfacing hardware to PCs for rapid prototyping and testing. We also develop a flexible PIC-based processor board that can be used in applications ranging from standalone sensors to networked vehicle control systems. AISC also provides a limited amount of engineering services for unmanned systems.
Larry Friese
(850) 387-1440
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  Years Established: 1 - 5
  Annual Sales: < 1 million
  No. Employees: 2 - 4
  Type of Business: Manufacturer