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Helicopter - FAA/JAA Instrument Rating

Helicopter Instrument Rating - FAA/JAA Rotorcraft Instrument Certification Course. Full instruction including Ground School, Motion and Non Motion Simulator, and Live Aircraft Training. Requires Private or commercial pilot rotorcraft certification.
The FlyHelos Initial Helicopter Instrument training course is intended for existing current VFR pilots holding a private or commercial helicopter certification.

This is an initial instrument training course designed to prepare and provide the student with the instrument skills required to become proficient in instrument flight conditions and pass the FAA Helicopter Instrument Rating.

This course assumes the student is already proficient in the operation of a piston or turbine helicopter and has established logged flight hours as a pilot in command or second in command flying under VFR flight conditions at the FAA private or commercial helicopter certification level.

The course includes a number of Ground School instruction which expose the student to lecture, labs and hands on hours in one of our helicopter Part Task Trainer (PTT) flight training devices where they apply what was learned in classroom lecture and labs instruction.

Following completion of the Ground School and PTT training, the student will receive 20 loggable hours in an FAA certified ELITE S320 AATD general purpose helicopter simulator.

This phase of the training includes hands on experience in communications, use of flight instruments, NAV/COMM, and cross country flights in various simulated IFR flight scenarios.

Once the student has proven proficiency in operating in IFR conditions he/she will advance to a Full Motion Bell 206B Simulator to experience unusual attitudes in Intermittent Metrological Conditions (IMC) to experience realistic scenarios forcing the student to rapidly transition to IFR flight rules.

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