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HIGH END, OFF THE SHELF, TURNKEY SIMULATORS - Bell 206B full 6DOF Motion and Non Motion Helicopter Flight Simulators - FAA Certified from Level 3 AATD, to Level 6 AFTD are available. Designer and Manufacturer of many Open and Enclosed Cockpit configurations. Additional aircraft , vehicles and construction simulators also available.
RealSims products are based on our Patented Modular FasTrac , Reconfigurable Flight Trainer design, FasTrac is a modular platform base designed to support an unlimited line of field deployable, rugged simulators using a unique, flexible and modular design erector type building concept. This enables rapid and cost effective manufacturing of customer specific training environments using drop in interchangeable consoles, dashboards and control devices.

This robust patented mounting system provides unlimited flexibility to allow the cockpit to be affordably configured (or re=configured at a late time) to emulate any type of rotary, fixed wing aircraft or ground vehicle cockpit at any client defined fidelity.

FasTrac's Platform Optimization Deck (POD) serves as the primary baseline foundation. PODs are modular bases that include a thick 5/8" Deck Plate with an array pattern of mounting points enabling
the consoles, flight controls seats, and cockpit cab enclosures, to be affixed to the POD to support a wide selection of vehicle and aircraft components to be mounted with minimal effort and no modification to the base structure.

FasTrac is a Commercially Available Off The Shelf Technology (COTS) product that can be configured using readily available open architecture based simulator software setup to meet the exact needs of the customer, integrator or prime contractor looking to source the mechanical components needed to integrate into a fully operational vehicle trainer or flight simulator at a very affordable price point.

In addition to supporting rapid mounting of a number of available flight consoles, front dash, center and
overhead panels, cockpit enclosure) and flight/driver control systems, the PODS are designed to be bolted together (side by side or tandem) with optional exterior fuselage skins and modular mountings points to support integral mounted display system truss assemblies and projection/LCD and dome display screens.

There are provisions under the PODS to mount, rack computers, power supplies, switches, routers, audio speakers, control loader actuator and their linkage.

The deck plate can be easily removed from the lower mbase support frame and affixed directly to an optional multi axis (six degree of freedom 6DOF) motion platform, or a fully enclosed fiberglass enclosure can be installed as depicted in the photo attached here

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