Dellem Associates Inc.
Airline Aviation Fuel Acquisition and Mangement

Provide complete services for the acquisition and management of Airline Aviation Fuel worldwide

Dellem Associates provides aviation fuel management services to scheduled, charter and cargo airlines for their operations throughout the world. Dellem is capable of performing all of the responsibilities of an airline Fuel Procurement and Fuel Accounting Department. Dellem has been providing these services to US domestic and international airlines operating flights worldwide since 1980, and has managed over 25 million gallons of aviation turbine fuel per month. During over 25 years in operation, Dellem has developed contacts with suppliers and into-plane agents around the world, and, although most are in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, we currently track over 5,000 prices world-wide. Among others, we currently provide system-wide fuel management to airlines such as Caribbean Airlines (Trinidad and Tobago), LIAT (Antigua), AirNet Systems, U.S. Helicopter and Miami Air International.

Dellem provides client airlines a Fuel Department with all contracts and arrangements made on behalf of and for the account of the airline. Dellem does not purchase fuel for its own account, is completely independent of any fuel supplier or into-plane agent and, therefore, does not have a conflict of interest in obtaining the lowest competitive price for our client airlines. Besides negotiating for the fuel and the into-plane services, at the client's request, Dellem will track fuel consumption from all of the airline client's stations world-wide through a proprietary Internet link (WebTix®); receive all fuel invoices and confirm they are correct; obtain tax refunds where possible and, where applicable, monitor inventories at all locations. Included in these services are the complete account reconciliation for all fuel suppliers and into-plane agents. Summary reports on fuel consumption and cost are provided as required by the client's financial and operations departments. As Dellem develops all fuel management software in-house, reports can be custom designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

Besides the actual acquisition and management of fuel being delivered into storage and/or aircraft, Dellem will provide to the client's Financial Management recommendations, assistance and guidance on hedging operations to assist in the economic risk management of the total fuel cost.

Dellem is in a unique position within the aviation industry as a full-time aviation fuel management concern with the resources and capability to provide assistance in these very critical areas. Dellem is available 24-Hours per day 7 days a week to meet your requirements.

As can be seen from this brief introduction, Dellem Associates does not sell fuel. Dellem does much more than that – Dellem provides you a complete Fuel Department.
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