Dellem Associates Inc.
Fuel Facility Design, Inspection and Evaluation

Provide full operational audit of fuel facility including evaluation and recommendations for required changes and/or improvements

Although some suppliers may provide quality control support for the product they furnish, the operator of an aviation fuel facility is primarily responsible for the facility:

Primary Considerations of Facility Owner/Operator
* Operational safety.
* Guarantee quality of fuel delivered into aircraft.
* Economic Operation.
* Meet all environmental regulations.
* Assure optimal operation of all equipment.
* Personnel properly trained in safety, quality control and operations.

Dellem provides design, technical support and training in the operation and maintenance of these facilities including:

# Provide initial inspection of the site or existing facility to determine condition and adequacy of the equipment and procedures.
# Provide guidance and recommendations in the development of facility design to provide ideal configurations meeting the specific requirements of the client at minimum cost with maximum utilization of existing equipment and facilities where appropriate.
# Prepare specifications and contract requirements for facility to meet client requirements, industry standards and regulations including local and state governments and the standards of NFPA, ASTM, API, ATA and IATA.
# Provide supervision of the contractor during construction of facility to ensure all requirements of the client are met.
# Develop Operating and Quality Control Procedures Manual specifically for the facility and its operation by the client.
# Train Client's Personnel in proper performance of the required procedures for quality control and maintenance of the facility to meet all industry requirements and manufacturers' recommendations.
# Perform periodic follow-up inspections to ensure the continued proper maintenance, operation and safety of the facility.
# Provide design and construction services for mobile refueling units.
# Provide technical consulting 'on-call' for fuel quality and handling problems.
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