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Flat Crescent Plate Carousel

G&T’s patented Flat Plate device is a closed loop, articulating crescent shaped plate conveyor designed to provide a continuous moving surface for heavy-duty baggage claim or make-up applications. The unit operates at 90 FPM and can be manually or automatically loaded. With a conveying width of 41 inches (nominal), it is one of the widest in the industry.
Key Features and Benefits:
~ Superior Quality and Attractive Appearance
~ Extremely Reliableand Whisper Quiet
~ Heavy Duty
~ High Capacity
~ Easily Maintained
~ Modular Design for Greater Flexibility

Frame and Track:
The modular frame is constructed of structural steel angle and flat sidebars supported on 3 feet, 4 in. centers providing a rigid smooth surface to guide the crescent plates.

The claim unit deck can be either a flat or raised design depending on the aesthetic appeal desired. In either case, the top of the deck is constructed of 3/4 in. fire retardant plywood supported by either a wooden or steel platform. The deck has a lockable hatch for easy maintenance.

Carriage Link Assembly:
Each modular carriage assembly consists of precision fabricated links supported and guided by polyurethane wheels. The crescent shaped carriage plate is attached to each link to create a smooth flat continuous surface.

Drive Assembly:
The drive assembly consists of a heavy-duty, double-pitch roller chain driven by a motor through a gear reducer and drive sprocket. The roller chain engages three modular pallet assemblies at all times, and features a double drive sprocket and dual roller chains.

Electrical Controls:
All G&T Flat Plate devices are furnished with soft-start for smooth start-ups, start warning, emergency stops and overload protection.

For installation in public claim areas, the outer peripheral guards and trim strips are Type 304 stainless with #4 brush finish. For installation in non-public sortation areas, the outer peripheral guards and trim strips are steel, finished in wear and rust-resistant paint. A 4 in. high toe space is provided at the base of the peripheral guards.
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