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Inclined (Sloped) Plate Carousel

G&T’s patented Slope Plate Device is constructed of articulating contoured carriages forming a continuous rotating sloped surface. The unit can be automatically fed via belt conveyor(s) and is operated continuously at 90 feet per minute. The usable width of the conveying surface is 59 inches. The overall outside device dimension is 15 ft. 6 in. making it the narrowest device available.
Frame and Track:
The frame consists of standard modular assemblies bolted together to form a support structure and guide for the carriage assemblies. The construction is of structural steel, supported on 3 ft. 4 in. centers, providing a rigid, level surface for the tracks and frame.

The claim unit deck can be either a flat or raised design depending on the aesthetic appeal desired. In either case, the top of the deck is constructed of 3/4 in. fire retardant plywood supported by either a wooden or steel platform. The deck has a lockable access hatch for easy maintenance.

Carriage Assembly:
Each modular carriage assembly consists of a steel support for the upper and lower polyurethane guide wheels and the stainless steel carriage plate. Each module is connected at its lower end for a continuous drive linkage.

Drive Assembly:
The drive assembly consists of a heavy-duty, double-pitch roller chain driven by a motor though a gear reducer and drive sprocket. The roller chain engages three modular pallet assemblies at all times, and features a double drive sprocket and dual roller chains.

Electrical Controls:
All G&T Slope Plate devices are furnished with soft-start for smooth start-ups, start warning, emergency stops and overload protection.

For installation in public claim areas, the outer peripheral guards and trim strips are Type 304 stainless with #4 finish. For installation in non-public sortation areas, the outer peripheral guards and trim strips are steel, finished in wear and rust-resistant paint. A 3 in. high toe space is provided at the base of the peripheral guards.
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