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G&T’s Queue is a conveyor designed to accurately stage and index baggage in many different applications. The unit provides precise control of baggage and product for proper system functions. The Queue Conveyor is designed with high grip belts to insure a positive means of tracking with little or no product slippage during rapid starts and stops.
Frame and Track:
The frame consists of standard modular assemblies bolted together to form a support structure and guide for the pallet assemblies. The construction is of structural steel, providing a rigid frame and level surface for the tracks.

Bed & Sideguard:
The bed and sideguards are constructed of 11-gauge hotrolled steel and are available at variable bed widths and sideguard heights to match our standard conveyors.

Drive Assembly:
The drive system consists of a gear reducer powered by an electric motor using dual drive belts in an over/under configuration, or a hollow bore shaft mounted worm gear motor/reducer configuration. This system ensures smooth starting and stopping and reduces the chance of belt slippage.

Electrical Controls:
All G&T Queues are furnished with clutch/brake motors and overload protection. Queues feature photo eye sensors to detect baggage position. VFD drives are available for variable speed adjustments
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