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G&T’s Transport Conveyor is a conveyor system designed to smoothly and reliably move baggage and packages of various shapes and sizes. The system is comprised of several types of conveyor sections combined to adapt to a wide variety of airport layouts. The rugged, heavy-duty design is built and installed to provide a life that exceeds industry standards.
Transport/Slider Beds:
The bed has a formed steel frame with structural angle stiffeners and double sideguards. Load/Unload Slider Beds are constructed similar to Transport/Slider Beds with a single or no sideguards. All Transport/Slider beds come with return rollers to maintain the return belt height.

Bed & Sideguard:
The bed and sideguards are constructed of 11-gauge hotrolled steel and are available at variable bed widths and sideguard heights. The bed sections may also include .188 in. structural steel angle as a reinforcing framework. The bed sections are available with no sideguard, single sideguard and double sideguard.

Electrical Controls:
All G&T Transport Conveyor drives are furnished with a wide variety of control features.
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