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Scale & Induction Conveyor

G&T’s Scale and Induction Conveyors are utilized together at ticket counters to handle outbound baggage. The Scale Conveyor is designed to hold and accurately weigh baggage, and then move the baggage for proper staging. The scale is integrated into the device underneath the conveyor. The Induction Conveyor is a conveyor designed to stage and then move the baggage onto a take-away Conveyor.
Bed & Trim:
The beds are constructed of 11-gauge hot-rolled steel with .25 in. structural angle framework. The outer trim pieces are 12-gauge stainless steel.

Drive Assembly:
The drive systems are a .5 HP motorized drive pulley with .12 in. lagging to guarantee proper grip. The conveyor belts feature a V-guide that runs through a V-groove in the pulleys to maintain proper tracking. This system ensures smooth starting and stopping and reduces the chance of belt slippage.

Electrical Controls:
All G&T Scale & Induction Conveyors are furnished with emergency stops and overload protection. The Induction Conveyor also features a photo eye to detect baggage and enable automatic release onto the take-away conveyor. Also included are scale readouts and master
slave controls.
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